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Gently does it!  With organic microbe applications to miners to liquids and organic fertilizers, Greensleeves specializes in effective grounds maintenance.  Always with environmentally friendly procedures and treatments.

Helping keep your plants healthy and resistant to pests is our mission. Greensleeves is a leader in the erradication of White Fly on both Ficus and Native Trees and Palms, with out any harmful effects to the environment or waterways.

What would we recommend for your property? Contact us for a free evaluation and recommendation.  Greensleeves Inc. offers many programs to fit your needs, from one time erradication of white fly to monthly service or quartely. All of our work is guaranteed.

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Greensleeves is fully licensed and registered as a Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control firm with the State of Florida and also have a State of Floida fertilizer license, which will be required by all companies in 2014.

Many Lawn maintenance companies are not licensed to make pesticide or herbicide applications on your property. For your own personal saftey and the enviroment always use a licensed company.

      *You can view our license at

Call or e-mail Greensleeves for a free evualtion and recommendation to see how easy and economical it is to " Go Green" with your pest control and fertilization programs of your home or business landscape.

305-593-5256 or 888-592-4766





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