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Greensleeves is proud of its outdoor achievements. From urban landscaping – plantings at building entrances, roof-top gardens and pool decks – to irrigation, fertilization and pest control. With our traditional passion, we have championed green landscaping for over 25 years always thinking of the environment and habitats of all areas.

Why is Greensleeves so keen about plants outdoors? Attractive plants and landscaping make important financial contributions, as well as remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Plants add nearly 15% to the resale value of a building and speed its sale by a full six weeks.

Nothing says it better than a study of an urban ecosystem in San Antonio, Texas, that concluded that the area’s tree-cover saves the city $70 million a year in ecological services – storm water management, air quality, and energy conservation.


What makes Greensleeves extraordinaire outdoors? With a degreed botanist on staff, PLANET certified Landscape Manager and years of experience in the field, Greensleeves knows which plants work the best in various environments or habitats. Greensleeves is a master of all types of irrigation systems and specializes in drip irrigation systems.

Greensleeves Inc. is a licensed Florida Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Firm and has a State of Florida license to apply fertilizer's, focusing on effective grounds maintenance with environmentally friendly procedures and treatments.

Which maintenance plan is right for you?  We'll let you choose from a variety of programs – from one-time greening or pest control programs to bi-monthly or monthly landscape services.

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Call or e-mail Greensleeves for a free evualtion and recommendation to see how easy and economical it is to " Go Green" with your outdoor foliage, pest control and fertilization of your home or business landscape.

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