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What can be duller than a flat, empty roof?  But it doesn't have to be.

Greensleeves has been bringing roof-top gardens to vibrant life for well over 25 years. Want to see what a truly spectacular roof garden looks like? Greensleeves would like you to see some that their very proud of: 1060 Brickell, Latitude on the River, The Jade at Brickell Bay and the Four Seasons Hotel-Miami.

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Greensleeves has been greening roofs since 1986 when we planted our first cruise ship roof onboard the Soverign of the Seas. Why do our roof gardens look so spectacular?  Even under challenging weather conditions?  With 25 years of experience in designing, planting and carrying for rooftop gardens, along with our scientific backgrounds, Greensleeves does know the very best plants which do stand up to the highest of winds, heat and all of Natures challenges; high up in the air.

Would a roof garden make sense for you? What would it look like? At what cost? What about waterproofing? Greensleeves knows the best waterproofing compounds for your built-in roof-top containers, which will hold up to the test of time, along with the best decorative containers.

Ask us.  We’ll show you dozens of roofs similar to yours – with before-and-after photos. And we can discuss costs, too. No one is better qualified to help make your beautiful roof garden happen.

Call or e-mail Greensleeves for a free evualtion and recommendation to see how easy and economical it is to " Go Green" with your outdoor roof-top garden, pest control and fertilization of your home or business.

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