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Why not keep your lawn green and so lush?
After all, don’t we all look at an expansive vigorous green grass and think golf, baseball, football, picnics and all the rest?

Greensleeves has been keeping the grass oh-so-green for so very many clients – for a quarter of a century.

How?  With lots of experience, lots of know-how. 
It begins with enlightened pest control, fertilization and irrigation. And it never ends.

green lawn

A lawn with an appearance that’s extraordinaire is our specialty. And, yes, Greensleeves is licensed by the State of Florida to apply herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides.

Want to see green as green as green can be?  All the time?

Call or e-mail Greensleeves for a free evualtion and recommendation to see how easy and economical it is to "Go Green" with your outdoor lawn, pest control and fertilization of your home or business turf.

305-593-5256 or 888-592-4766


green lawn

green lawn

green lawn

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