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There was a time when plant containers did just that.  They contained the plant – held it and kept water from leaking out.

But no more!
A design revolution has come to containers. That means we can make our plant presentations much more colorful, dramatic or subtle – or you name it. 

Greensleeves now has access to literally hundreds of different container designs and are dealers for many manufacturers.  Our containers come In a wide range of almost never ending materials – metal, wood, ceramic, fiberglass, natural fiber.  In so many styles, colors and finishes. One new group includes LED lights at the base of the planter.

What does that mean for Greensleeves?  More design possibilities and an enhanced ability to make our plantings even more attractive and effective for every client.

And that’s not all.  Our Container-Update-Program lets you trade your tired, dated containers for smart, new design containers.  The cost?  Very reasonable.
Greensleeves also carries all the best sub-irrigation brands. Ask us for a quote.


Call or e-mail Greensleeves to see how easy and economical it is to obtain your perfect container to enhance your space.

305-593-5256 or 888-592-4766


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