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Landscaping Extraordinaire wins awards.  It’s Greensleeves’ passion for perfection every day, for every client, on every job. On land or on the high seas. The first award was
received in 1989 for Sovereign of the Seas.  Twenty-one awards later, the latest, in October  2010 was the PLANET Decade Award for the Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Florida.

The PLANET awards program is open only to its members and reflects the association’s commitment to creating and preserving the beauty of the landscape and is designed to reward independent landscape, lawn and interior Plantscaping professionals who execute superior projects.

Here are a few examples how Landscaping Extraordinaire makes a beautiful difference.

Mandarin Oriental (Hotel Interior) 

   Unusual challenges:

  • Locate and dig several Bambusa species and acclimate them for six months in the company shadehouse.
  • Create a unique container system to hold seven 45-gallon Bambusa trees in a planter only 11 inches deep.

Awards: CIPA for Distinction for Design, CIPA Judges Award for Best Project, ALCA Grand Award for Installation, CIPA for Excellence of Maintenance, PLANET Decade Award.

Sovereign of the Seas (Interior and Exterior, Ship)

  Unusual challenges:

  • Design, procurement and installation of over 1,900 plant species within 45 days of hire.
  • Procurement of Belt Line 1 plant species for high wind conditions and varying climates under rooftops.
  • Maintenance and pest control in high traffic areas with extremely short times in port to service plants.

Awards: FNGA for Excellence of Installation, ALCA for Distinction of Installation,
Interiorscape Best Award for Maintenance, Interiorscape for Best Project, ALCA  Grand Award for Maintenance of Sovereign of the Seas.

Four Seasons Hotel & Tower (Roof Garden)

  Unusual challenges:

  • Took over this project that had not been properly installed and fertilized.
    Managed to raise the landscape to five-star status within thirty days, in time for the hotel’s grand opening.
  • High winds of hurricanes toppled 20-foot Hong Kong Orchid trees on rooftop.
    Solved problem with an inviible cabling system tested for 1,900 pounds of pressure.
  • Devised “low-profile” but very effective green pest control system that evades notice by guests and residents.

Awards: PLANET Grand Award for Installation of Exterior Baja & Aqua restaurants, PLANET Award of Merit for Maintenance, PLANET Grand award for Installation after Hurricane Wilma.

Mandarin Oriental

Soveriegn of the Seas

Four Seasons

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