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Greensleeves brings green to as many as 5,000 passengers on some of the largest cruise ships on the seas.  And to office buildings, upscale residential buildings, hotels and so much more.

But there’s still more to be greened. That’s why Greensleeves has been leading the way by greening roofs all over South Florida.  Not only do green roofs look spectacular, they are a great investment.  A study by the American Society of Landscape Architects found that a green roof decreases building energy use in cold weather by 10%.  And the temperature on the green roof on the hottest days can be as much as 44% cooler than conventional roofs on neighboring buildings.

We’ve begun to target walls in office building interiors, too.  We’re adding walls of living green and flowering plants.  The difference is awesome!

Greensleeves offers economical Green Wall set-ups from $45 and up.  Some are perfect for homeowners – almost anywhere in the home – and condo balconies.  Many of our systems are super-easy to install and remove if necessary.  One of the most popular is Herbs-on-the-Wall.  We also carry Green Walls To Go.  Ask us about any of them.

green walls

Greensleeves has been greening roofs since 1988 when we planted our first cruise ship roof.  With 25 years' experience planting  and caring for green roofs, we know what are the very best plants to stand up to winds, heat and all of Nature’s challenges high up in the air.

So contact us.  See what green can do for your rooftop – and for some of the walls in your building. You’ll be adding color, beauty
– even serenity.  And always with Greensleeves’ sparkle. Go green!








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